Diane Edwards Nordic Arts — Rosemaling — 3208 Snowbrush Place, Ft. Collins, CO 80521 ~ 970-229-9846

Diane has this beautiful handpainted Rosemaled Antique Bed available for sale. This Norwegian Bed is wonderfully painted by Diane's skillful hand. It is truly an unusual and unique piece.

Diane Edwards - Norwegian Bed
Price $1500. Contact Diane for more information.

Diane Edwards - Norwegian Bed - Headboard
Norwegian Bed - Headboard

Diane Edwards - Norwegian Bed - Footboard
Norwegian Bed - Footboard
Diane Edwards - Norwegian Bed -- Full View
Norwegian Bed - Full View
970-229-9846 ~ 3208 Snowbrush Place, Ft. Collins, CO 80521 ~ Contact Diane
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