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From her love of Nordic Arts and her over twenty-five years of studying and painting this lovely art form, Diane Edwards has published s series of unique books:

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Each book concentrates on developing particular skills so that more artists can enjoy creating their own Nordic Arts.

Design Basics Swedish Folkart

Design Basics for Swedish Folk Art

This book is an introduction to the beautiful Swedish folk art produced during the l700's to about the middle of the l800's. Development was greatest in Central Sweden and down into the Southern areas. This Folk Art painting was known as "rosnaling" or "decorative painting" in Swedish. Swedish folk art has identifiable characteristics such as the "kurbits" which are painted like large bulbous leaves. The word "kurbits" comes from the cucumber plant of folklore. These leaves grew larger as time went on and encompassed scenes from the Bible, modern folklore and the royalty. Some of the scenes are humorous and all are painted in the Swedish folk art style of bright colors, primitive figures enjoying all different types of life experiences. Although much of the wall paints were done on canvas there was a lot of painting done on wood, also. Beautiful cabinets, clocks and furniture are the hallmark of the Swedish carpenter. There are twelve color pages which carefully illustrate each stroke of Swedish design which is painted in acrylics. Includes history, instructions and all the basics needed by the beginner in painting Swedish floral designs.

$14.95 — ISBN: 0-9674583-1-5


Swedish Folkart

Swedish Folk Art - Floral and Kurbits Designs

This wonderful book of Swedish Folkart is 88 pages, 62 color with coverage of all the major styles of Swedish Folk Art from 1750 to 1900. Included are 32 projects covering each of the styles with antique information and photos as well as present styles. Diane used JoSonja Acrylic and Mediums (which is very similar to that used in Sweden in those times) to paint everything featured in the book. Several pages of strokes and floral close ups provide instructive and easy information for beginners.

$19.95 -- ISBN: 0-9674583-6-6



Rosemaling for Young People

Norwegian Rosemaling for Young People

Norwegian Rosemaling that is simplified to make sense for younger people. Painting and decorating many simple pieces available from the local craft store, Diane Edwards has created a book that helps children or absolute beginners to understand the craft of Norwegian Rosemaling. There are many color pages of strokes, colors and projects that can be done individually or in a camp or club situation. She uses simple glass pieces and ornaments and breaks down the decoration into single stroke approaches. There is also a history of Rosemaling and information about finishing old and new pieces of woodenware. An excellent book for someone who wants to try Rosemaling without a lot of work or expense.

$10.95 -- ISBN: 096745834-X


Rosemaling Boxes

Rosemaling Boxes

How-to-paint book of Norwegian Rosemaling (Decorative Painting) on twenty-two wooden boxes of traditional and usual shapes. Each box is painted using easily available colors and has designs included with complete instructions. Beautiful colors photos of each box are included. Boxes range from small and easy to paint to larger and more complex pieces. Traditional Norwegian pieces include Norwegian Bible boxes, tines (lunch boxes), recipe boxes and salt boxes. Some boxes are chip carved. There is complete source information included and supply lists. All pieces and supplies can also be ordered from the author. Many of the boxes are available from local craft shops and are inexpensive.

"I have taught and painted Norwegian Rosemaling for over twenty-five years and have found one of the most difficult design pieces for beginners is boxes and containers. This book was created to help Rosemalers paint on three-dimensional objects of many different types. All the pieces are easily available and are painted with acrylic paint and/or oils. Conversion charts are available for any paints with which you wish to work. The projects are in the Telemark style, Os style, Valdres and Vest Agder style. Most of these styles are presented with easy color mixtures and designs."

$11.95 -- ISBN: 0-9674583-3-1


Design Basics Telemark Rosemaling I

Design Basics for Telemark Rosemaling, Vol I

This book lays down all the rules for beginners for Telemark Rosemaling, one of the different styles of rosemaling in the various districts of Norway. This book gives basic instruction for executing the floral designs and has a supply list. It contains many color instruction pages and patterns. The information covers design, color, strokes and the history of Telemark Rosemaling.

This book is available directly from Diane at Nordic Arts, in Scandinavian Shops and from Amazon.

$14.95 -- ISBN: 1573770248



Design Basics Telemark Rosemaling II

Design Basics for Telemark Rosemaling, Vol II

This book follows Design Basics in Telemark Rosemaling Volume 1 in continuing to discuss painting and design in the Telemark style of Norwegian Rosemaling. This book moves beyond the basics of strokework and teaches the new rosemaler how to paint on many different types of surfaces. The book has 12 pages of color photos of the different pieces which have patterns and instructions in the book. Both oil and acrylic media are used in the paintings in this book.

$10.95 -- ISBN: 0-9674583-0-7



Design Packets of Telemark Rosemaling Designs by Marlys Hammer, VGM


Judy Ritger, VGM, and I are publishing two Design packets of Telemark Rosemaling Designs by Marlys Hammer, VGM. They are each 10 pages, front and back of 11 x 17 designs. Vol. 1 is larger designs and Vol 2 is smaller designs, small plates, flowers, a little amber, a Nisse design and some Christmas designs.

They are $20 each with one color copy of a painted design, plus $4 shipping for one and $6 for two.

All the designs are line designs, no instructions except a listing of her color palette in oils and in acrylics and some color mixes for general Telemark painting. She also lists her brushes. Marlys passed two years ago from cancer and I have always loved her designs and her beautiful painting. This project is being done not only to get her designs into the hands of rosemalers who will love to refer to them and paint them, but also to raise money to print a book of her colored paintings. All profits beyond that will go to a fund for rosemaling or rosemalers, designed by Judy Ritger and Marlys' husband Roger Hammer.

Please send orders with a check to Nordic Arts, 3208 Snowbrush Place, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521. Orders will be mailed as soon the designs are ready, by November 10, 2015. Thank you!
-- Diane Edwards

Marlys Hammer - Painting in the Telemark Style Using Oils & Acrylics

Marlys HammerMarlys Hammer - Painting in the Telemark Style Marlys Hvass Hammer, VGM, was an extremely talented painter and teacher of Norwegian Rosemaling. Her patterns and painting in her favorite style, Telemark, are exceptional examples of one of the
most beautiful styles in Norwegian Rosemaling. Her works have
been collected extensively and her patterns are very beautifully designed and executed. This book includes many of her paintings
in color with tips and ideas for planing and painting in this beautiful style. She was a loving and patient teacher, beloved by her many students. This book is a tribute to her lasting legacy in the creation
of Norwegian Rosemaling. Her favorite Bible verse which she used to open every class: “This is the day the Lord has made, let us
rejoice and be glad in it.” —Psalms 118:24

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Marlys Hammer's Telemark Rosemaling Coloring Book

Marlys Hammer's Coloring Book

Marlys Hammer's Telemark Rosemaling Coloring Book

In Marlys Hammer's Telemark Rosemaling Coloring Book, you'll
enjoy coloring the Telemark Rosemaling designs of Vesterheim
Gold Medalist, Marlys Hammer! Her style of Telemark Rosemaling
and her design abilities were very advanced and especially
beautiful, making the designs in this book both intriguing and therapeutic. 75 pages/soft cover.


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